Valspar’s knows your Pinterest-ing questions

Valpar has introduced a new tool for color loving people everywhere! Valspar + Pinterest. Now it is easier than ever to find a paint match for any image in your Pinterest boards. Let’s dive in: Start by going over to:  


  Scroll down and you will see the screen below that allows you to log in to your own Pinterest account.


Once you give Valspar permission to see your account you will be taken to this screen which shows you your boards.


Narrow your search down to the board you would like. I chose my Work Space Makeover board.


Looks to me like most of the colors in my board are pretty neutral earth tones. But that one desk set up is catching my eye and I’d like to investigate further. Lets take a closer look.


Look at that deep blue. I just love that one. But that lamp! That color didn’t appear! Lets grab it with the eye dropper. Just click on whichever color you’d like to see.


I really dig that color. Looks great with the blue. I wonder what it’s called? Lets go over to the details…


Valspar Ask Val Warm Breeze. Beautiful V103-3. I’ll take that color right over to page and get my color chip. I hear they also have perfect samples for $5.99 at their Poughkeepsie Location.


Pinterest is such a great creative asset by giving people the ability to plan so much with their boards. It it fabulous idea to allow people to integrate the two of them. I hope you will give it a try and feel free to comment to let me know how you like the tool! Our other locations who feature Benjamin Moore paint are also encouraged to try their Color capture app. Which allows you to pick a color from things around you and gives you the paint color. Let me know which one you like better!

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