Page DIY: Glass Ripple Pendant

This project was really an experiment. Lexel seemed like a very clear and fun medium to work with and it was on hand. So I gave it a try. Wanting to see what it could be used for. I decided to start simple.

This easy little project is just the beginning of the DIY’s in store for Lexel Caulk

  1. Take a jumbo paper clip and shape it . Twist the ends together to make the shape that will work for your purpose.
  2. Place the paperclip on a piece of packing tape, so that every edge of the paper clip is attached to the tape.
  3. Lexel is very sticky as it can be used as an adhesive, therefore it it almost impossible to get a smooth surface on it. This of course makes it easy to make it look like waves filled with bubbles.
  4. Open your Lexel clear caulk and begin filling in the space in the middle of the paper clip making sure that no air remains between the calk and the sides of the paper clip.
  5. Let dry for 30 minutes to an hour.

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