How Your Remodeled Kitchen Can Help You Eat Healthy

Fact: When you’re kitchen is unpleasant to be in, you don’t want to be in it.

How many times have you been inspired to cook a wonderful meal, gotten up from your computer, rushed to your kitchen and upon entering the room you lost heart. Your kitchen is a small mess of items. You have no counter space to make pasta, you have never had a place to put that pan so it takes up your entire stove top. You aren’t even sure you own a whisk because you have no idea what drawer it would be in, your knife drawer is terrifying to open and you cant open your pantry to get the flour without being rained on by random foods. So how can your remodeled kitchen help you eat healthier?

1. You’ll want to be in your kitchen

Simple as that. Everyone loves a clean and well-organized room. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing exactly where the item you want is. Having an organized kitchen means you’ll be more willing to keep it organized. Putting away the clean dishes is easier when you aren’t afraid of being mugged by your mugs. Having a clean space means you are more clear-headed and less likely to forget to clean up the nasty germs from your counters and dishes. Be inspired by your kitchen and all the things you can make in it.



2. Time Saving Organization

Knowing where your crockpot, and turkey baster are means you are more willing to get them out and use them. When your favorite water bottle is on hand, you may remember to fill it with water and then drink the water! Not having to spend 20 minutes searching for a Tupperware lid may make you more inclined to make your lunch, instead of getting fast food… again. If that cute little coffee bar helps you refrain from stopping for Dunkin’ than that cute little coffee bar will be worth it.



3. Have space for that new appliance

That air-fried buffalo cauliflower you had at your friends last weekend was everything your dreams are made of, but where are you going to put an air fryer in your cluttered kitchen? Remodeling your kitchen won’t magically make space for items. ( It is not a flying Ford Anglea) It will help you to choose when you need and what you don’t. It will then take into account how much space you need for storage.



4. Knowing where things are makes cooking easier

The Great British bake-off is a great example of how organization is key. However, copying any of Mary Berry’s recipes will certainly not help you eat healthier. whether you are in a rush or willing to make a show of it, your remodeled kitchen can be your stage. Put on your apron, get behind that island, pull out that shiny knife conveniently located exactly where you need it to be, and host your own cooking show. Pull that outlet bar out from your countertop, kick that kick drawer open, pull out each of your cute little ingredient bowls, slide across the kitchen in your socks to put the dishes in the dishwasher and put that amazing meal right in the center of your table for your gorgeous #foodporn shot. Inspiration is all around you.



Hungry? Inspired? Hunspired? We have the clever storage options, and the quirky functional add-ons to make your kitchen fit you. Whether you are looking to get healthy or looking to bake a cake we can help you master your kitchen. Send us a message or stop at one of our showrooms in Poughkeepsie and Pawling.

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