Page DIY: Chalkboard Cheese Board


Everyone has seen those amazing looking chalkboard cheese boards. They run for a pretty penny at many places, but the secret is that they don’t cost much to make yourself. So why spend the money? And for those of yo thinking about the holidays already: it makes a great gift.

Trying to spend the least amount of money, I decided to go with spray paint, that was I don’t need a brush,  and I am happy enough with black.  At Page we do have tintable chalkboard paint. You can choose from 250 colors of paint. Rust-Oleum Primer spray paint ($4.59), Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray paint($5.99), Scotch’s Blue painters tape 18mm ($3.99), a Poplar Board 1/2″ x 8″ x 2′ ($5.89) and some hardware

After wiping down the board. And sanding down the edges a bit I tapes around the edge. You can of course choose to paint the whole thing, but I like this look better. Being very meticulous I lined up the tape to the  edge of the board, relied on that to keep my lines straight.

Shaking my primer well I applied one coat, waited an hour and then applied a second.

After another hour I applied the chalk board paint, waited another hour and applied the second coat.

After about 24 hours it was ready to go. Removing the tape, I followed the directions of the can which say to rub the whole area down with chalk and wipe it off.  Note: Try not to get purple chalk on your board, it’s hard to get out.

Now would be a good time to attach your hardware to you board if you choose to.


The next thing I did was print out some words to trace. Once you have printed your words flip over your paper and rub the chalk over the back of the paper making sure to get every edge. This doesn’t need to be anything special you are just using it for residue.

Tape the paper to your board so it I even and placed where you would like it to be. The with a ball point pen trace the letters. The chalk on the back of the paper will be pushed onto the board and will appear as mine did below. Now we are going to go over it again with chalk. My advice is to dampen your chalk. Get a damp towel and twist the end of the chalk into it. Making the chalk easier to write with and not sharp enough the scratch you paint. (If you are choosing to use a chalk board pen it will be harder to remove from this paint, and they don’t recommend using it. I have found through much research that you can remove a chalkboard pen from something painted with chalkboard paint with Windex. But after an extended period of time even this wont work.) Clean up around the edges with a wet paper towel and the inside of the letters with a q-tip.



And your done! Ta-Da! Now cut some cheese, pour some wine, and have a great night!


Thank you for listening!

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