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Crystal Urbin

I have over 20 years’ experience working in the Kitchen and Bath industry. I’ve worked with builders and homeowners throughout the area building long term partnerships. I love that every project offers me a new set of challenges on the job. At the end of the day, I’m satisfied in knowing I made my customers happy.


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Eileen Wozniak

I started in the lumber business as a high school student in need of a part time job and found a career that satisfied my need to be creative. I’m drawn to the excitement found in developing the potential of the space. The trends are always changing but there is a constant in what I do: your need to have a beautiful, organized, well-functioning kitchen and me helping you get there. I’m proud to say that after 30 years I still love what I do. I have earned 2 national sales awards but the best reward for me is hearing that you love your kitchen.

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Susan Vinett

Designing kitchens and baths is a new career for me. I have always been involved in remodels, design, and interior beautification — helping neighbors overhaul their teens’ rooms, putting on an addition, or doing my own kitchens.  Most noteworthy for me, is the comment made by a recent client: “I tried doing this four years ago, but I got overwhelmed.  Working with you showed me that the process can be, and is, enjoyable.  I never would have thought that the process alone is worth more than the end result.  Thank you.”

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Designer Profile

Jenn Scarola

With over 20 years in Applied and Commercial Arts my experience covers the gamut including; Animation, Advertising, Illustration, Gilding, and Restoration of Fine Art & Furniture.  Designing for Homeowner’s gave me the perfect blend of the myriad skill sets I acquired over the years.

I have a greater understanding of materials, color, light and furniture styles. To put it simply, I know what looks good! Since 2001 I have been helping people create their perfect space by making their vision come to life.  Your home is my canvas; let’s make it a masterpiece together.


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