Cool Kids’ Rooms that Get Better With Age

With your kids home for the summer months, try including them in a fun design project that you’ll both benefit from, such as redecorating their bedrooms.  Work together to create a lasting memory and a room they’re proud enough to keep clean and tidy.  Since young children seem to grow faster than the speed of light, it’s important to provide a space that is easily adaptable through the various stages of growing up. Sharon Grech, Color & Design Expert at Benjamin
Moore, offers tips on how to achieve this.

Invest in pieces that last.

Redecorating can get expensive, so consider spending more of your budget dollars on enduring furniture items such as dressers .
nd other storage solutions. Choose neutral tones for these pieces that will coordinate with a variety of
styles and colors. Concentrate on reflecting your kids’ changing personalities through more cost-effective
décor elements, such as paint, window treatments and accessories.

Let them have fun without overdoing it.
Your five-year-old has a passion for princesses now but might not appreciate a glittery, pink princess room in
a few years. Empower kids to make decisions on easily replaceable and more affordable items, like adhesive
decals and bedding. “At school age, kids start to have an opinion on their room and this is a good opportunity
to let them express themselves,” recommends Grech. “Lamps, posters, throw pillows and bedding are great
ways to reflect their personalities without breaking your budget.”

Incorporate versions of their favorite colors.

“Your kid’s favorite color is likely to change as often as they
do, and the big, bright color they love might completely overwhelm the space,” explains Grech. Instead,
she advises incorporating their favorite color on the walls, but with a neutral spin. If your child loves blue,
try Early Morning CC-818. For pink, she suggests Pink Moiré CC-158. For purple, Blue Viola CC-940.
Any time you are painting a kid’s room, consider using Natura®, which has zero VOCs* and is certified
asthma & allergy friendly®.

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