Page DIY: Cell Stand

Who doesn’ t need a cute little 4 legged man to hold up their cell phone?




What you will need:



Once you have your pieces. I choice not to glue my little man so I cold take his arms off to thread the charging cable threw his leg and out his hand. As I am not running liquid threw it, it doesn’t need to be a super tight seal. I’s considering decorating mine with duct tape anyway. He could use some color! Please note that you phone should be at least 3 inches long in order for the little man to hold it.

1. First you will need to cut the long piece of pipe.  8x 1 or 1.5 inch pieces, 2x 2inch, pieces. Once those are cut you can start assembly

2. Both legs start with a 90 degree followed by a 1 inch piece followed by a Tee, followed by a 1 inch piece, followed by a 90 degree.

3. The two tees on the legs are connected but a 1 inch piece a tee, and another one inch piece.

4. From the Tee that is his butt, a two inch pieces, a cross, a two inch piece and the 4 degree.

5. each arm from the cross is a start 90 degree, a 1 inch, and another 90 degree.

6. Ta Da!! That was easy. Now you can paint him, decorate him any way you would like. String your power cord threw him and out his can. Stick some flowers in his head, and enjoy making your friends jealous of this adorable phone friend.


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