Cool Kids’ Rooms that Get Better With Age

With your kids home for the summer months, try including them in a fun design project that you’ll both benefit from, such as redecorating their bedrooms.  Work together to create a lasting memory and a room they’re proud enough to keep clean and tidy.  Since young children seem to grow faster than the speed of … Continued

Cambridge Pavers

Page is a Premiere dealer of Cambridge Pavers     Summer is upon us and if you are anything like me your mind keeps floating to a pool side BBQ in your dream backyard filled beautiful landscaping and stonework. Except that, like me, you don’t have that dream backyard…But you can! Enter; Jim Daidone, our … Continued

Page DIY: Glass Ripple Pendant

This project was really an experiment. Lexel seemed like a very clear and fun medium to work with and it was on hand. So I gave it a try. Wanting to see what it could be used for. I decided to start simple. This easy little project is just the beginning of the DIY’s in … Continued

Page DIY: Chalkboard Cheese Board

  Everyone has seen those amazing looking chalkboard cheese boards. They run for a pretty penny at many places, but the secret is that they don’t cost much to make yourself. So why spend the money? And for those of yo thinking about the holidays already: it makes a great gift. Trying to spend the … Continued

Page DIY: Chalky Paint Cabinets

Chalky paint is a great trend as it fits in so well with the vintage feel that everyone is loving. At Page we sell Valpar Chalky Paint.  With 40 tintable shades and options for finishes you can transform your whole house! Attached is Valspars Application and Color Guide which breaks chalky finish down everything you … Continued

Page DIY: Cell Stand

Who doesn’ t need a cute little 4 legged man to hold up their cell phone?       What you will need:     Once you have your pieces. I choice not to glue my little man so I cold take his arms off to thread the charging cable threw his leg and out … Continued

DIY With Page Home Centers: Emergency Bucket

Hurricane have already been brewing in parts of the world since the beginning of 2017 hurricane season. We in Dutchess County have already encountered a tornado, and many heavy rain storms culminating in power outages and flooding. Rather than risk needing safety items when stores are sold out, why not make sure your family will … Continued

DIY with Page Home Centers: Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pit   Do you love saying: “Yeah I built it myself”? So do we. That’s why we have a super easy DIY Fire pit for you to make just in time for your next family gathering. This classy fire pit for less than $250, is the perfect example of how to make your … Continued

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