Grills & Grilling

This week we sat for the first time with Poughkeepsie Store Manager, Kenny Weber, to talk about grills. And despite his jokes , we know that he doesn’t make Weber grills, just sells them.   What’s you favorite thing to sell? “Grills” What’s you favorite grill? “the Weber Genesis” Why? “ it has the 3 … Continued

Flower’s from Page’s Outdoor Living Center

The multi talented Jim, from Page’s Outdoor Living Center, talked to us again this week about his other favorite thing to sell: Flowers. Real men admit when they love flowers! Let’s see what else he had to say…   What is your favorite plant? “impatiens” Why? “They grow in shady areas, they are easy to … Continued

Cambridge Pavers

Summer is upon us and if you are anything like me your mind keeps floating to a pool side BBQ in your dream backyard filled beautiful landscaping and stonework. Except that, like me, you don’t have that dream backyard…But you can. Enter Jim Daidone, our Cambridge Paver magician, and manager of our Lagrangeville Outdoor Living … Continued

Project Estimating

Last week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave Williams. He was very excited for his interview because he is excite about bringing more people in for his service. What service is that you ask? Project Estimating. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, a man within these wall will sit down with your blueprints and … Continued

Cabot Stain

We got to spend time again last week with our previous interviewee and paint expert Sue. With so much talk about getting out to spend time with family and friends on the deck it only makes sense that we should discuss Cabot Stain. Cabot stain has a new project out and Sue will tell us … Continued

Trex Composite Decking

It was so much fun to sit down with our lumber supervisor Steve Cross and talk about Trex decking. Trex is such a popular brand to begin with, and with summer coming quickly,  it’s no surprise we sell so much of it. Let’s hear what Steve had to say on the subject!   What is … Continued

Anderson Windows

Now that winter is almost over I am spending a lot of time looking back at how cold it was! What part of that can we imagine was due to drafty windows? If these thoughts have run through your head; read through my discussion with Kevin Price about Anderson Windows. Favorite brand to work with? … Continued

Mid-Continent Cabinets Again

This week we find ourselves with a repeat favorite brand. I guess it is safe to say it’s a good brand, when two professions love to use them and inspire their clients to buy them. Morgan and I had a quirky conversation about them and I look forward to you reading it.   What is … Continued

Mid-Continent Cabinets

It was such a joy to sit with Susan Vinett and talk about the pleasures of working with Mid-Continent cabinets to create Fabulous Kitchens.   What is you favorite brand? “Mid-continent because it has unusual colors. They do nice things with Painted oak.  Their colors are eclectic and fabulous.” Favorite room to design? “Living rooms, … Continued

Decora Cabinets

Another week, another interview! This week Designer Eileen Wozniak talked to us about Decora Cabinets, what she believes every kitchen should have, and a few steps to guide you through a renovation.   What is your favorite brand? “Decora Cabinets” What is your favorite room to design? “The kitchen” What advice do you give people … Continued

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